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Technical Undergraduate Level Courses

Electric and magnetic fields

Electric materials and characterization

Semiconductor processing

Oscillations and waves

Quantum mechanics


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Analytical techniques in electromagnetic fields

Quantum mechanics


Pedram Esfahani

I got my B.S. in Engineering Physics from Science and Research University of Tehran, Iran in 2012. In 2014, I moved to Ohio, USA to pursue my M.S. in physics from The University of Akron working on computational modeling of negative refractive-index materials. In Sep 2016, I moved to Oregon, USA to pursue my PhD and learn more advanced experimental and computational skills. I spent some time in experimental materials and optics labs working on projects about piezoelectric filters (ECE dept.) and NSOM-AFM (Phys. dept.). I also briefly worked on DNA bioinformatics and computational biology using AI (BB dept.), which eventually led me to Dr. Bo Sun’s cell biophysics research group. My current research is focused on the connection between cell migration direction and extracellular matrix gaps. more