TD: Thermodynamics
Introductory Physics

State variables and equations of state, ideal gas

1st law of thermodynamics, Energy transfers

Specific heat, Phase transformations, Calorimetry

Conduction, Convection, Radiation

Entropy, 2nd law

Heat Engines

PV diagrams, Processes, Cycles and efficiency

Thermodynamic Processes and Cycles Practice Problem

3 moles of an ideal gas are subjected to the following processes. 

First, the volume is tripled in an isobaric process. Then, it undergoes an isothermal process to a pressure of 9 kPa.The volume is then halved in another isobaric process. Finally, it returns to the original state in an isochoric process.

(a) Draw a PV diagram of the cycle. Label each state with a letter (A, B, …). For the transitions, number them with the corresponding number and arrows showing the direction of the process.

(b) If the isothermal process occurs at a temperature of 900 K, what is the pressure, temperature, and volume for each state?

(c) For each of the processes:

Find the work done on the gas.

Find the heat in and out of the gas.

Find the change in thermal energy.

(d) Find the total work, exchanged heat, and the change in thermal energy.

Notes and more practice problems