KN: Kinematic
Introductory Physics


Position and Displacement

Calculating the coordinates and direction of displacement and position vectors

Gerry, the gerbil, walks 55 cm in the positive y-direction. After this, he is located 95 cm from the origin at an angle of 50 degrees from the positive x-axis towards the positive y-axis, as shown in the figure.

Practicing how to find the coordinates of a vector for its length and direction and vector subtraction 

Deserted on a deserted Island, you spot a slightly exposed tin can under a tree. Upon opening it, you find it is instructions to a treasure. It reads:

Find the coordinates of the treasure. 

Graphical Analysis

1-D Kinematics of Constant Acceleration and problem solving strategies 

Exam Level Practice Problem

Two objects start from the same location and time but have different accelerations and initial velocities. We are asked to calculate the final location they meet again, and the time this process takes. In addition, we need to sketch the position vs. time (x-t) plot of the objects. 

2-D Kinematics and Projectile Motion

Ultimate Level Practice Problem

Two objects, one with a contact speed, the other one with a constant speed race. First, we are asked to work on a 1D kinematic problem; then, we take the final values of part (a) and use them as the initial values of part (b). In part (b), we work on a complex projectile motion with a contact acceleration along the x and y-axis.