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RM: Rotational Motion
Introductory Physics

Angular Position, Velocity, and Acceleration for non-UCM

Connecting Rotational and Translational Kinematics

Torque and Newton's 2nd Law for Rotation

Torque and Newton’s second law combined 

A 4 kg disk lines in static equilibrium on an incline that makes an angle (θ) of 40° up from the horizontal. A rope parallel to the incline connects the disk to an immovable wall. Through experiment, it is found that the static friction between the disk and the incline is at a maximum. 

(a) What is the tension in the rope? 

(b) What is the coefficient of static friction between the disk and the incline? 

Static Equilibrium and Stability

Dynamics and Moment of Inertia

Angular Momentum and Rotational Energy

Notes and more practice problems 

Rotational motion about a fixed axis