OS: Oscillations
Introductory Physics

SHM Case Studies: Pendulums and Springs

A spring system oscillations analysis combined with the conservation of energy and kinematics 

An object with a mass of 9 kilograms is in equilibrium while connected to a horizontal spring of a constant of 100 Newtons per meter. The other side of the spring is fastened to a wall, and we can neglect the mass of the spring. A second object with a mass of 7 kilograms is slowly pushed up against m one, compressing the spring for an amount of 0.2 meters.  

The system is then released, and both objects move to the right on a frictionless surface. When m one reaches the equilibrium point, m two loses contact with m one and moves to the right with a speed of v.

A) Determine the value of v.

B) How far apart are the objects when the spring is fully stretched for the first time?

Damped Oscillations, Driven Oscillations and Resonance

Oscillations and Waves